Specialty Contractor

Chiropractors, Dentists, Family Practitioners all have one thing in common when it comes to their design and commercial construction needs: They need spaces that maximize their patients privacy and physical needs. The commercial building contractors at Little Creek Construction understand the unique needs of building speciality clinics and work with these practitioners to assess patients privacy needs when creating a space. Through our research and experience working on this medical facility construction we are also familiar with the appropriate materials to use that are safe for patients and people to work with.

First Choice Dental Building

When we were approached by First Choice Dental to do the finish work on their building we were ecstatic about tackling the challenge a medical office structure. The client needed mutliple zones within the building including patient rooms, hallways, and an intake area for patience. In addition, the office had a completely paperless record system which required us to put all of their digital and other equipment behind a removable wall system to hide the equipment to keep the rooms looking sleek and functional.