At Little Creek Construction, every nail counts in the construction of our client’s projects. The guiding principle of paying attention to detail provides efficiency within the smallest aspects of the largest projects. It directs our work and customer service that allows us to save our client’s money on projects from duplexes to large commercial construction. Proprietor and operator, Mike Filkouski, has always approached every problem with solutions. When working with Mike, he will provide answers needed to make that final “yes” or “no” decision for your project. Mike won’t approach problems with questions, that only lead to lag time in projects and frustration from clients. Instead, Mike will present solutions up front to beat deadlines and lower costs on the bottom line. 


Mike and his wife call 13 acres home. Within these acres, old farmer drain tiles created a creek that both starts and ends on the property. Just like said creek, Little Creek Construction projects begin and end with the management team that makes the company such a pleasure to work with. The team of seasoned veterans, with over 25 years of experience, see through the beginning stages of each project to the final ribbon cutting; just like that little creek on the ranch.  


With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Mike has seen it all. This allows him to foresee problems and find solutions to any issue thrown his way. He  started as an independent frame carpenter. Through his ability to observe, learn and produce quality work efficiently he was quickly promoted to a finish carpenter. This role exposed him to commercial projects where he began framing and finishing carpentry projects and gaining knowledge in multiple aspects of construction projects. 

This early work in the industry allowed Mike to develop leadership and project management skills. Mike has managed the construction of multi-residential complexes and buildings, advancing quickly into roles as a field superintendent and project manager, eventually to vice president of the construction firm he worked for. These skills and experiences inspired Mike to start Little Creek Construction, LLC in 2010. Little Creek Construction has specialized mostly in apartments and condominiums. In more recent years, Mike has diversified his portfolio, adding retail, small specialty medical clinics, and duplexes too Little Creek’s resumé. 

Mike’s Skills

☑ Project Manager

☑ Specification Writing

☑ Expediting

☑ Contract Negotiation & Monitoring

☑ Purchasing

☑ Government Relations

☑ Cement Finishing and Trim Carpentry

☑ Cost Estimating/Containment

☑ Scheduling

☑ Policy Making

☑ Inspection

☑ Budget Development